25 Lob Styles That Are The Perfect Choice for Everyday Style

Lob style has become popular in a few now. Celebrities are one that has trended with this style. The difference between lob and bob is that the bob hairstyle will need a shorter cut while lob is long. In lob style, the hair should rest on the collar bone and a bit longer at the front.

Lob hairstyle suits all face shapes and structures. There is a lob style for oval face shape and round shape. Those with square shapes should not worry because lob style would be perfect for them also. To understand the type of lob that is perfect for you, discuss with your stylist.

Your stylist will give you instructions on the right length. You will be advised on the lob style that is suitable for you. Your daily routine is the one that will determine whether or not you will opt for lob style. If you are a very busy person, this style will definitely be a go-to. Very little time will be needed for it.

To always keep your lob perfect, you often have your haircut. Short hair little time is required to style and maintain it. The following are lob styles that are the best choice for everyday style.

1- Lob Styles

Lob Styles

This style is perfect because it can transform it the way you want. From this lob style, you can change it to a shorter lob. You can also style it from a textured wave to a smooth ponytail.

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2- Classic Bob Hairstyle

Pictures Of Lob Haircuts

With this hairstyle, you can allow your hair to play with the with. With a shorter lob, your hair is easy to manage and style.

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3- Cute Wavy Hairstyle

Best Lob Haircuts

For you to get this amazing look, ensure that your hair is clean and dry. After that, spray your hair with a hair spray then you will be good to go.

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4- Choppy Style for Thick Hair

Latest Lob Hairstyles

You can go for this style when going out with your friends. You will definitely look amazing with this hairstyle.

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5- Half Up Braided Bun Hairstyle

Lob Haircuts

Casual is easy to maintain. You style your bob in such a way that it will flow in loose waves over your face. At the same time, partying, brush your hair back to avoid discomforts.

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6- Stunning Two Tone Hair

The Lob Cut
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7- Blonde Hair Color

Lob Hairstyle Ideas
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8- Smooth Straight Hairstyle

Lob Hair Styles
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9- Bombshell Waves for Short Hair

Images Of Lob Haircuts
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10- Blonde Hair for Pale Skin Tone

Images Of Lob Hairstyles
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Lob Styles
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Lob Haircuts
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Lob Hair
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Pictures Of Lob Haircuts
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Lob Hair Styles
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Lob Hairstyle Ideas
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Lob Styles
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Images Of Lob Haircuts
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Latest Lob Hairstyles
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Lob Haircuts
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Best Lob Haircuts
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Lob Hair
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Lob Hair Styles
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